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On-line Trade Show - Seminars

Seminars by Art Little

Photograph - Art Little

Art Little's seminars have appeared as articles in Transmission Digest over the last few years. Below you will find an easy access reference to them all.

December 2015
Christmas Vacations
November 2015
Changing the Customer Experience
October 2015
It Ain't All About You
September 2015
Today's Transmission Rebuilder
August 2015
Staying On Your A-Game
July 2015
Selling the Diagnosis
June 2015
Builder's Compensation
May 2015
The Price Is Right
April 2015
Quitters Campers and Climbers
March 2015
Telephone Procedure Dos and Don'ts
February 2015
Wasted Marketing Dollars
January 2015
Training At Hotel Hell
December 2014
Christmas Vacation
November 2014
Finding Ther Right Manager
October 2014
'Just One More Job' Challenge
September 2014
Employee Turnover Damage Control Plan
August 2014
Telephone Skills Are Important Too
July 2014
Lead Experts Q&A's
May 2014
Recruiting Is Like A Blind Date
April 2014
How Do You Spell Freedom ?
March 2014
A Game of Winners and Losers
Jan 2014
Keeping Customers Happy at the Heat Farm
December 2013
Christmas Vacation
November 2013
Is the tail wagging the dog?
October 2013
Controlling Parts Costs
September 2013
The Bus to Profitville
August 2013
Cash Flow
June 2013
Work Status
May 2013
Lead Status
April 2013
Motivating Managers
Feburay 2013
Last Impressions
January 2013
Productivity and Profitability
December 2012
Attitudes and Altitudes
November 2012
Back to Basics
October 2012
The Future of Transmission Shops
September 2012
No Tech to High Tech
July 2012
Recruiting Pays Big Dividends
August 2002
Telephone procedure
June 2002
Theft in the shops, pt. 2
May 2002
Theft in the shops, pt. 1
April 2002
Last impressions
February 2002
Customer complaints, pt. 2
January 2002
Customer complaints, pt. 1
December 2001
Problem shop owners / problem employees
November 2001
Selling you shop: To tell or not to tell
September 2001
Recruiting is like a blind date
August 2001
Owners and Managers: The odd couple
July 2001
Recruiting and training
April 2001
Rebuilders: The real deal
March 2001
Managers: The real deal
January 2001
Damage control plan
December 2000
Shopping on the Internet
November 2000
Old way vs. New way
October 2000
Transmission repair websites
September 2000
Useful website picks
August 2000
E-mail, what's the big deal?
July 2000
How to get on the Internet
May 2000
Life on the Net