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TurnKey Transmission Development Corporation

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TurnKey Transmission Development Corporation

If you read the paper, listen to the radio or watch TV you know that these harsh economic times have and will continue to affect everyone, business's will down size and shops will close.

Our transmission industry is no exception. Whether you're a brand new owner just opening the doors or a long time transmission shop operator, you may still be having trouble making a profit.

If it's getting to the point where you may have to close your doors, call us, before that happens,

We can help.

Our staff of professionals, with over 140 years of experience in the industry, has been involved in over 125 turn arounds - shops that were only days or weeks from going out of business.

If you want to increase your profits or return them to pre-crisis levels,

We can help.

Our staff can help you hire, train or retrain center managers and supply builders and r&r staff until we get your center up and going.

We will help hire and train staff for an ongoing outside sales referral program.

"Our hands on approach takes time. The amount of time depends entirely on the severity of the financial trouble the center is in.

If your are committed to turning this economic situation around, call us today for a confidential interview,

TurnKey Transmission Development Corporation - 901 Lake Drive 8H, Brandon, MS 39042