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New Products


SJ-7000 Four Post Lift
The SJ-7000 is our economy class lift. But the low price doesn't mean low quality. Compare the SJ-7000 with any of our competitor's lifts we're positive you'll be impressed.


SR-12 Commercial Four Post Lift
Fully adjustable 20 inch wide ramps allow you to load almost any vehicle safely and easily. the heavy-duty leaf-chain lifting mechanism (not cables) assures you of years of trouble free service


TMR-36 and TMR-48 Scissor Lifts
Our 36 and 48 inch midrise scissor lifts are completely portable and easy to move. They feature 6,000 lbs lifting capacity, adjustable arm assemblies, multiple locking positions and quick, easy operation.


SR-7H Four Post Lift
The SR-7H is the safest free-standing portable lift on the market. It's perfect for under-car maintenance, and is a great way to add some space to a full garage.


SJ-2 and SJ-3 Bag Jacks
The SJ-2 Low Profile Double Bag Jack and SJ-3 Triple Bag Jack are two of our newest and most exciting products.


S-10A Two Post Lift
The S-10A is perfect for lifting a little more than the average car or truck. It's 10,000 pound lifting capacity gives you plenty of heavy lifting power


S-9F Two Post Lift
We call the S-9F "Old Faithful". Variations of this lift have been in production since 1970. It's still depended on every day by shops all over the country.

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